19.12.2018 18:25

The band has started to complete the lyrical section of our homepage! Right now there are lyrics from albums Jackal and Gehenna. As well as one song from our upcoming HOP-HIP album. Soon the selection will include also Underdogs…

18.12.2018 15:40

Timo Tomson from ACR Services (Apocalypse Children Recordings) has joined the band as the official tour manager and agent. Timo adds himself "EL Mahhiko, band to the top" and confirms he will work hard on the target.

18.12.2018 12:15

First ILLUMENIUM (XIII) live HOP-HIP concert is now official and confirmed. The event will take place on the 4th of May in Ichtegem, Belgium @ B52 Club.

18.12.2018 10:40

The Band made a contract with a company from Spain called CINEMARTIN on recording our new music video with their exclusive 8K camera which is the worlds largest resolution camera on commercial market. The song they choosed was "System…

18.12.2018 10:25

Officially starts ILLUMENIUM news poll.

Greetings from the underground. El Mahhiko.